Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Visiting the Owl House

You know, I know we are way out here in the middle of nowhere, but the cats love visitors. Katlyn comes by every few months to play with the cats. Judy, who adopted Thai, brings her. Luckily she often comes by when I have kittens, which is great because they always need some kid-time here in this quiet adults-only house.

So if you are ever bored, or need something for a quiet cat-loving kid to do, drop us a line and come on over! Give us a day's notice or so, because since we are so far from town, sometimes we have errands planned and that takes us away for a good portion of the day.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

When human toys become cat toys

I have some friends who have a huge sectional couch in front of a big wood stove. Along with that huge couch they also have some incredible huge stuffed animals, one of which is a dragon. I really wanted to find a dragon like that, about a year ago, but unfortunately could not find one. I envisioned a similar scenario---friends over for drinks, reaching over and pulling down the dragon from the back of the couch to examine, cuddle, or play with, as they do at my friends' house. Lacking a dragon, I instead purchased a great big bear (which was surprisingly affordable). It was still a huge splurge for something that served no practical purpose.

But actually it was cheaper than a very good cat bed (around $40), and instead of a conversation piece for wine-drinking visitors, it has turned into...a cat bed. Because, of course, I'm more likely to have snoozing cats than wine-drinking visitors.

Fixing the upstairs for a cat caretaker/housemate

The time has come to bring another person into the fold. I have been fixing the upstairs, which was formerly set up for cat fostering, as a bedroom/office/living room and semi-kitchen, and it's actually more space than I have downstairs. So I have been ripping out carpet, painting, and finding affordable but nice furniture on Craigslist. Which of course the cats would like to claim.

I'm not sure if I'm ready to share the house with another person, but it really is necessary for the safety of the house, and the well-being of the cats. So you will soon be treated to the transformation of a portion of The Owl House from a cat place to a people place.

Two cats, or one cat/dog friendly dog, are also welcome. Who knows--maybe I can find someone who will blog!

To my previous cat-boarders, I still have a room downstairs where cats can be boarded, so no fears.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Well, yes, I'm a couple of days late...

...but it's still cute. I am spider phobic and I got the creepy crawlies even just watching an amusing cartoon.