Saturday, January 24, 2015

Oliver filters on a single cylinder--missing a kidney!

So we've been going full-throttle on adoptions lately. I'm not sure what's up. Is it the increased presence on Facebook? Replacing the adoption fee with the option of purchasing cat furniture for your new cat adopted from us? Referrals? Coyote, Nueve, Octave, Bo & Davis have recently been adopted (or are in the process of foster-to-adopt), Adison and Seneca were TNR'd, and the "coming in" numbers for once equal the "going out" numbers.

Of course there has to be an anomaly. Nothing can go completely smoothly. This month's anomaly is named Oliver.

Oliver was on hold with a couple who weren't certain if they wanted Oliver or Octave. They went home and thought on it and decided on Oliver if all went well with his neuter. And wouldn't it figure, with a home all set for him, something unusual would happen? The veterinarian noted that one kidney was enlarged, and the other could not be felt at all. His kidney function right now seems OK (blood test) but curiosity got the best of them and they took a radiograph to confirm (no charge to us, bless them). Sure enough, he was missing a kidney on the left. Now, an ultrasound would show more, but wouldn't change the situation. That made Oliver a wild card. He could be fine and live a grand old life. However he needs to have a kidney-thoughtful diet, and a regular check of his kidney function throughout his life. He also needs to go to a home where the adopter could accept that his life could possibly be shorter than normal, so he probably shouldn't be someone's one-and-only. Luckily he loves other cats and dogs, so there is no problem with him going to a home with other pets. The couple that had been uncertain who to adopt then decided Octave would be a better option for them, and I agree. This would be their first, and only, cat. To take on a cat who will be big step up as a financial obligation and just might quickly fall ill is tough for someone choosing their very first "own pet."

So Oliver will be hanging out here in the house until the right home comes along. He is no problem at all. He is quite friendly and affectionate, but is happy going off in the other room to snooze by himself. He does have a dangerous (smile) attraction to the twitching tails of Rose and Bear. Bear tolerates being treated like a cat toy. Rose is not so pleased, but that only makes her twitch her tail more violently, which draws even greater attention from Oliver. But after a hiss, he lays low. He is a wise little boy.

FeLV or FIV would have been a worse issue than firing on a single kidney cylinder. But gosh, just when everything was going so great, it's a bummer to have a great Unknown rear its head.

Friday night "toss and organize"

I have too much crap.

Let me rephrase. I have plenty of crap that serves a purpose, but I can never find the crap I need, when I need it. For example, I bought hardware for this buffet Valarie and Craig gave me. Can I find it now that I need it? I canNOT!

Nellie is having a joyous time exploring. You can be sure I am being a good girl and not swearing. Otherwise Nellie would be off hiding, as she is the most shy cat in the house. No, I am quietly simmering at my disorganization.

I have finally gotten fed up with it and have been picking away at my worst offenses. Number one on the list: cat records. You would think after almost 30 years of this I would have it all down, but the night before an adoption will still find me digging through the most recent pile of veterinary receipts searching for a rabies certificate. Ridiculous!

Things I have! Old worn out cat laser toys. I get them when they are on sale for a dollar. Will I really ever buy batteries that cost more than a new toy? Probably not. Out they go, after divesting them of their hazardous-waste battery innards.

So as I am pawing through drawers I'm finally: &$&%@#!!! Don't paw through them! Stop and deal with them! The buffet can wait. It's going to have to, isn't it, since I can't find the hardware.

What I can find:

More Post-It pads than anyone person should have. I work in a paperless office. Off they go to the "give away" box
VHS tapes on trapping feral cats. I gave away the VHS player to a neighbor who helped carry in the free bureau. All these are now available on YouTube. Out they go!
Two three-hole punches. Two? OK, one goes upstairs to that desk, and one will stay down here.
A DYMO label maker Mark gave me that has been out of label tape for six years. I check Amazon. Yes, the tape is still for sale. I put two in my Amazon cart and continue on.
Oh look. ANOTHER three-hole punch! A cheap one. Garbage.
Many flat mailing boxes and envelopes. I organize them in one spot.
A ziplock baggie of Ivan's combed out fur that I one day plan to send out to be made into this cute remembrance. I miss Ivan. Keep.
A Netflix DVD from back before the Kindle. Slumdog Millionaire. I've never watched it. I hold it out because now I have a DVD player and a donated secondhand flat-screen TV (thanks Cary!)
A twisty digital camera stand I've never used. I guess I'll put it with the defunct digital cameras because it won't work on the iPhone. Anyone need one?

No buffet hardware.

A number of weeks ago I got totally fed up with the fact that A) my cat records were scattered all over the house and B) I did not have a comprehensive email list and the holidays were looming. I wandered into Staples to find something attractive to keep current records front and center rather than shoved in a file cabinet. I found two boxes, but darn...they were ripped. Disappointed, I started to put them both back, then figured the rip on one of them was at the back, so I would take it anyway. At the checkout I showed the rip to the clerk and he said he'd give it to me for two bucks. I said "well, for that I wish I'd picked up the second one, which is in even worse shape." He immediately ran back got it, plunked in down and said "how's a penny? Otherwise we just have to throw it out." So for $2.01 I got two nice boxes that normally would have been $18.00. I never would have thought to dicker at Staples!

That's the kind of deal I like.

I've been lusting after a PassionPlanner but can't justify the cost for something I'm not sure I will use, so I used their free download to print off ten weeks to try and keep track of what I'm up to. Rose immediately sat on it.

I also went searching for a calendar after the New Year when they are dirt cheap. I get a lot of calendars from national animal welfare organizations, but they are usually small with not-so-much space to write. When I go looking for a calendar, so I look for cats and kittens? Wildlife. No. I look for....LARGE PRINT! Yes, I am over 50. My friend (and adopter!) Gretchen got me a beautiful leather wallet, which I loaded with postage, a few cards, and a tiny pretty writing pad, to take with me when I am traveling so I won't put off thank-you notes just because I am on the road.

Hey, I found the hardware! Where was it? In the catch-all baskets by the front door. Why were they there? I have no idea. I guess I'll go organize them next!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Send two young marimbists to Belgium--give them a dream.

Put this on and go about your day. Let it play in the background.

And then if you believe in helping to grant dreams, give a donation to send them to the Universal Marimba Competition in Brussels, Belgium

Check out their GoFundMe page here

We have quite a few donors and adopters in the music community. It is in the interest of all cats to promote music across the globe.

Yes, I honestly believe this!

Oliver in the house

This is our newest kitten Oliver. He already as a hold on him. Isn't he the sweetest?

He is not shy so much as very independent. He purrs up a storm when you pick him up, but he's happy go off in the other room and snooze all alone. I'm bribing him with treats, and he's starting to suck up to me a bit more. Such a cutie!

Coyote goes out to foster-to-adopt!

More than five years Coyote has been here! Sunday she went to a new home for a trial run. Did I take photos when I delivered her? No, I forgot, as usual! Here she is at the Spencer Fall Festival a few months ago.

She did really well..she was affectionate with all of us when I dropped her off, but you could see she was blown away. Furniture? Carpets? People 24/7? I hope she relaxes and enjoys quickly, because it is a stellar home with Faith's family. She will be so loved if they are a match!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Seven and Siggy check in via Facebook!

Seven checks in from Connecticut! It looks like he's staying warm and well-fed!

Check out the tail!

Siggy checks in from Endicott. He has clearly settled in just fine (after an adventure in the basement where he decided to snooze for some hours, scaring his new guardians half to death).

Sunday, January 4, 2015

As seen on Facebook!

Owl House cats check in via Facebook!


Jelli (left)

Phillip (right):

Whitten Wu:



It's so nice to see our past cats show up every day or so!

Whiskers in Winter party next Sunday!

Each year, pretty much at the spur of the moment, I decide to throw a party. The SECOND reason is that I love you all and want to see you. The FIRST reason is that if I throw a party, I throw out things I don't need, I finish projects, and I focus on the cat rescue instead of other things that demand my attention. And then I get to enjoy it all with you!

So, next Sunday, January 11, we will be open from noon to evening's end (whenever the last person decides to leave), with comfort food, drink, friends, and of course, cats. Both the house and the cat facility will be open. If you think you will be coming, please RSVP to susan at owlhousecats dot com (spelled out to reduce spam). We already have about 12 people on the "attending" list. Guest are welcome...just let us know who they are. I hope to see some of you next Sunday!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Pitter and Patter pose with presents

Linda (Christy's sister) gave this gorgeous cat bed, which Pitter has claimed as her own.

And brother Patter shows off one of the knitted beds that georg brought from The Handmade House, which fits perfectly over the top platform of the cat tower!

They are certainly sleeping in style! Thank you!

Happy 2015 and thank-you donors!

I'd like to think Bear is saying "Happy New Year!" to you all, but more likely he is thinking "What are you doing, lady?" At least he's a good sport!

I can't thank you enough for the donations we received. We've adopted out FIVE CATS this past week and all five need pre-adoption check-ups, which even at a discount is a flurry of vet fees all at once. And I've ordered more vaccines and over-the-counter medications, and of course, as always, cat litter and food. This is just one car-load. Gone are the good old days of the truck, when I could fit 30 or more bags of litter in one load!

Hopefully all these adoptions are a sign of good things to come!! We are currently OPEN on Sundays from 11-2 (2pm arrivals may stay until the wish to leave). People still need to inquire via email and let me send them an application.

Happy New Year to you all!