Saturday, February 28, 2015

Adoptions---still on a roll

I apparently have accidentally hit on marketing gold--although I have no clue what I have done. Two more cats were adopted-- Corky and Grayson (although more on Grayson later). Both adopters had already visited a large no-kill shelter in our general area, so I'm guessing our success may also have something to do with fewer cats available there.

Corky checks out his new digs

Update on Coyote (now Cody):
Coyote is doing fine! She is a really nice cat. She likes sleeping in the front bedroom, especially when the sun is shining through the window. She also spends time in the living room with Mom, and sometimes will sit on her lap. She loves being petted, and of course she loves her wet food!

Mom suspects that Coyote (now Cody) spends time on the kitchen table, but has only caught her once or twice. Cody has also gotten up on top of the refrigerator, so she's a curious cat. While she does hang around in the kitchen if Mom is out there,she doesn't get underfoot, so that is a very good thing. So it is all working out well! She's very good company for Mom.

Update on shy Bo and Davis:

They are doing beautifully!! I kept their names, they seem really fitting. Davis is still shy for the most part, but he does let me pet him on occasion, loves exploring the house. Bo is really affectionate, is right in my bed as soon as I wake up in the morning, trying to get me up for the day. I absolutely adore them.

And Brody's (now Luca) new home reports that "Basil and Luca are getting along great!" Looking back, I don't even see that I announced Brody's adoption here on the blog. Drat that Facebook! I keep forgetting to post things here!

I get regular notifications on Nueve (now Footnote) on Facebook, including a really cute video of her playing fetch. She's a lucky girl.

I still have to track down Octave's people to see how he is doing. So far, so good with our most recent adoptions!

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