Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cricket stops looking for Ivan.

She also has stopped eating, sleeping with me, or taking any interest in anything. She just sits on the couch in the great room and stares at the upholstery.

When the weather got nice I let her out on the catio, as she has been begging for. She went outside and howled and howled like she had been when looking for him in the house. Then she came back in, and it was like she had given up. She just went to the couch and only budges to go to the cat box. She won't even lay on the soft blanket there. She just lies on the bare cushion.

I did cook her some chicken. She had a few bites of that last night. That's the last thing she ate on her own. Baby food...nope. A/D. Nope. So I've resorted to syringe-feeding her.

My poor old girl.


  1. Sweet Cricket! Sending her good thoughts so that hopefully she will summon up the will to get over losing Ivan.

  2. Oh, that's heartbreaking. Have you tried Bach flower remedies? I know there a tad bit "out there" but a friend brought me a mixture called "loss of companion" after Sputty died and it did seem to help Smoky get over the grief.

    Purrs and head butts for Cricket. I sure hope she perks up.

  3. Oh, that's so sad. We are purring and praying for poor Cricket.

  4. We are sorry that Cricket is having a difficult time. Our Bujang had a difficult time as well when our cat Totoro went to the bridge and he spent many days meowing and going in and out of rooms looking for him. We tried the Bach flowers as well for Grief and it became a little better. But until now, he sometimes meows and looks outside the door as though asking Totoro where he went. Of cos we also tried Reiki.

  5. You can also try the homeopathic remedy Ignatia. It's for grief and I've had to use it for animals who lost their companions. It helped them "come back" from that place.

  6. That's very sad! Maybe you can find her a new companion. Cats love being around other cats so I'm sure if you get her a new buddy she'll start coming around. I haven't experienced a loss of a cat yet so I can only imagine how it feels, I really don't want to but I know it will happen eventually. I just hope that when my one cat passes my other one will be ok. I wouldn't want to see her suffer from a loss of a friend.