Sunday, March 2, 2014

Cricket looks for Ivan

It used to be every day. Now it's about every other day. Cricket is certain I've left Ivan on the porch or the catio, or he's somewhere she hasn't checked. I would have thought Nellie would have been the cat who missed him most, but Cricket is disturbed she can't find him, and hops around the house, from door to door, to cat-box room, to all the sleeping spots, just in case.

We all miss him.


  1. HI Cricket
    Ivan will always love you as well.

  2. Oh... I came back to this post 3 times before I got up the courage to watch the video. I knew it would make me cry, which it did. For the first week or two after Sputty died, Smoky just kept going to all of Sputty's little places crying and crying. And then he just curled up on a blanket that Sputty used to sleep on for about 3 days. It nearly broke my heart - which was pretty much already broken from losing Sputty.

    The funny thing is that Smoky and Sputty had been having all sorts of conflict for the past 2 years - pretty much ever since Sputty got sick. I sorta thought that since Smoky had become a full sized adult cat he was trying to push the limits with Sputty for dominance, but now I'm seeing all of that in a totally different light. I think Smoky was just trying to get close to his big brother Sputty, and Sputty was growling and grumpy because he felt vulnerable.

    Heavy, heavy sighs. They leave such a big hole when they go, don't they?