Friday, August 30, 2013

Hey YOU! Did you adopt an Owl House cat since late 2010?

If you have, a huge number of you haven't registered that wonderful microchip your cat has! If your cat gets lost, they'll call me, which is better than nothing, but far better that you get notified if your lost cat is found!

It's only $10.99 to register. It's a deal! What are you waiting for! When you register your chip, The Owl House/Wildrun gets credit for another one. You chip TWO cats for one small fee.

If your cat's name is on the list below, you DID register your chip. Thank you! If your cat is not on this list, please check his/her records to see if I chipped your cat. There will be a black bar code sticker with a number. It will be on the cat's medical record and also on the inside of the folder the records came in. You will need that when you call HomeAgain.

Call 1-866-802-5650 or go to Don't go to the main HomeAgain page or you won't get your special Petfinder Chip FurKeeps adoption rate on $10.99. Be sure to give them my Shelter ID of NY538. I'm still under Wildrun with them. You only have to pay $10.99 to register the chip for life. They do offer additional services for an additional fee if you wish to sign up for them. But it's only one-time fee to get your info on that chip!

I just purchased a microchip scanner for $199 at their reduced summer rate, so in a few days I'll be able to scan lost pets for chip myself instead of hauling them to someone else. If you can't find your records, I can come by and scan your cat and give you the chip number. Click my profile link at the right to email me. Happy Days!

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