Saturday, August 31, 2013

We don't just shut down subways....

...we shut down expressways, too.

Happy Birthday to EVERYONE!

One of my veterinarians recently got an interactive client pet portal. One of the fun features is that it sends a birthday email to the customer when it is their pet's birthday.

I have taken a LOT of cats and kittens to that veterinarian over the decades. Some of them I took in over a decade ago. Needless to say I get a LOT of birthday notices.

Yesterday was Paddles' (now Gizmo) birthday. I forwarded her birthday notice off to Nancy, who adopted her 10 years ago. I'm going to try to get all my way-back adoptions on a spreadsheet so I can do some more of that.

Some of the notices are sad, because some of the cats have passed. It has, after all, been as much as 15 years for some of those records. But others make me laugh. I thought about stopping by to purge my files of adopted cats. Then I'll no longer receive these notices. But when Paddles' email came through today, I realized there was more gladness than sadness. I'll have to do it at some point. But not yet.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Hey YOU! Did you adopt an Owl House cat since late 2010?

If you have, a huge number of you haven't registered that wonderful microchip your cat has! If your cat gets lost, they'll call me, which is better than nothing, but far better that you get notified if your lost cat is found!

It's only $10.99 to register. It's a deal! What are you waiting for! When you register your chip, The Owl House/Wildrun gets credit for another one. You chip TWO cats for one small fee.

If your cat's name is on the list below, you DID register your chip. Thank you! If your cat is not on this list, please check his/her records to see if I chipped your cat. There will be a black bar code sticker with a number. It will be on the cat's medical record and also on the inside of the folder the records came in. You will need that when you call HomeAgain.

Call 1-866-802-5650 or go to Don't go to the main HomeAgain page or you won't get your special Petfinder Chip FurKeeps adoption rate on $10.99. Be sure to give them my Shelter ID of NY538. I'm still under Wildrun with them. You only have to pay $10.99 to register the chip for life. They do offer additional services for an additional fee if you wish to sign up for them. But it's only one-time fee to get your info on that chip!

I just purchased a microchip scanner for $199 at their reduced summer rate, so in a few days I'll be able to scan lost pets for chip myself instead of hauling them to someone else. If you can't find your records, I can come by and scan your cat and give you the chip number. Click my profile link at the right to email me. Happy Days!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Catamazing toy

I picked up a toy that intrigued me while I was at a conference last spring for $14, and only just now put it together. It's called "Catamazing" from I was skeptical that it would be heavy enough to stay put while the cats played with it, but it seems to be doing a good job!

I only had it on the floor for five minutes before Rose came over and without even a stare or a sniff, showed me that she was smarter than the average toy. I'll use this as my cat toy box and we'll see how long it lasts. She sure has been having a good time!

I hate that if I post one video it progresses to others on my channel. Does anyone know how to make that stop? I'm thinking of switching to Vimeo if I can't figure this out.

(I have not been asked to blog on this toy and I purchased it on my own initiative).

Subway service disrupted to rescue kittens

Not long ago, this never would have happened

Slowly, slowly, U.S. society in general is accepting that if it is in our power to save a life, we should do so, even if it's not a human life. That doesn't necessarily mean society gives a cat's life equal weight as a human life. It does mean, that a feline life may be worth more than getting people to work, or home, on time.

Not so long ago, no one ever would have suggested stopping subway service for a couple of street kittens.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ivan has a new ailment

My veterinarian is hitting the books and checking with other veterinarians. She is leaning toward narcolepsy, except this only hits Ivan when he's already asleep. He doesn't have any episodes when he's walking around or just watching the world.

Please forgive me for yelling at him and shaking him so. I did it so the veterinarian could see what he does and does not respond to. Normally I just leave him be. Lately I've discovered a sharp whistle often wakes him up.

He went in for an exam yesterday and more blood tests. It was time for that to happen anyway. He has been shaking his ears and I wanted to have them checked. The vet says they are clean as a whistle, so something else is going on. Other than that, he's a content 16 year old cat. She says other than his oddities, he's in great shape. He's happy at home, has a good appetite, smacks the other cats when he's had enough of them, cuddles up with them when he wants to, and treats me like a goddess.

You don't need to watch the whole thing, but do advance it to the end, to watch him wake up and walk away like nothing happened.

Brain tumor? Who knows. As long as he's comfortable, I want him with me.

Almost had more kittens...

I got an email from a business in Ithaca. They had found three bottle babies. I couldn't tell if they were saying that the SPCA wouldn't take them, or if the SPCA would take them, but just couldn't pick them up. The response to the question came the next day, and by then one of their staff had already purchased KMR and was bottle feeding the babies, and they'd decided to hang onto them.

I had the "kitten crib" ready to go when they arrived, but when they didn't, Captain Tiny Cat decided to see if he fit back into the crib he once occupied as a bottle baby himself. He did!

Big apology to commenters

A bunch comments ended up in my moderation inbox. They have been published! Yikes, I've been away too long!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Mr. TinyCat

Formerly Squeak!

Bubbles has found her home, but Mr. TinyCat is still here. He really is a tiny cat, although certain he has plenty of kitten in him. If I did not have Ivan, I would keep him. He is playful but thoughtful, likes to sleep curled up against my chest (just like Ivan, which is why TinyCat must move on to a new home soon!) and is just loads of fun to have around.

Here's a video of him with the turbo toy.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

On pet store "pity buys"

I've done it. Have you done it?

Here is a story (click here) on a pet store pity buy.

There is only one solution to the pity buy, and that's never to go into a pet store at all. I used to go in to "check them out" and "be educated."

About (good God) at least 20 years ago, I stopped into a pet store one morning in Cortland (since defunct, thank goodness). I happened to be driving through. I was primarily checking out fish--I was big into fish tanks then. In the back was an old wire dog crate with a very scrawny lonely black kitten. Well, he was supposed to be black, but he was so malnourished his fur was rusty brown. He was absolutely emaciated. He had grade-level dry cat food (not kitten chow) and newspaper to lay on, and he was reaching desperately out the bars toward me.

You guessed it. I bought him. Fifteen bucks. No shots. The owner proudly mentioned he had been wormed. I'm ashamed to say that at the time I was not brave enough, after I handed over my cash and the kitten was safely mine, to give him more than a glare. I took him straight to the veterinarian on the corner, certain he would be FeLV positive since he looked so ill. When they learned where I gotten the kitten (I was not a client) they fit me in immediately. He was negative--surprise! I then went to the Cortland County SPCA and sat in their parking lot until they opened. I knew there could be no charges--the kitten had food and water, and that's all the law required. The pet store guy could easily have said he "rescued" the kitten (however the kitten should have been made healthy before being put up for sale). But I wanted them to see the kitten first hand. They were very nice. They said they'd had a lot of complaints, but nothing that would enable them to charge the place. I let them know they had one more.

I named him Moghi (for Moghadishu, where people were starving--probably not my most politically correct naming), and he was the fastest kitten I'd ever adopted out. One my way home with the kitten on my shoulder, I cut through Ithaca College and passed a security officer, who stopped when I stuck my hand out. She had previously mentioned she wanted a black kitten. She petted the rail-thin kitten through the window and promised it was "a go." So Moghi had a new home once he was healthy.

He got horribly constipated the new few days. I was sure I'd lose him. It's possible that in another person's care--who didn't realize what the problem was and what to do--he might have died. But he made it, and Moghi got his forever home.

A lot of pet-store purchases are pity buys. No caring person can easily turn their back on a pet in need, and that's what you are going to find in a pet-selling pet store.

So there's only one option.

Don't go in.

Have you done a pity buy (or pity adoption?) when you didn't intend to?