Saturday, January 5, 2013

Loss of camera = No posts. Jewel is adopted!

I've misplaced my camera, which means no posting. Posts without photographs seem sad and lost to me!

However here is some great news: Jewel is being adopted!

Jewel came into our lives during a TNR project of a barn out Fisher Settlement way. It was supposed to be an easy in-and-out. There were four older kittens and mom (Jewel) to catch and alter at the expense of the landowner. However Jewel disappeared and then reappeared after the kittens were returned, with six tiny young ones.

You know where they ended up, of course. Jewel nursed her babies in my extra room and was returned to her barn. Her first litter of kittens had grown up by then, and they drove her off. Jewel ended up in a tree in the rural yard of Christy and Gordon, who are very good friends of The Owl House. Jewel must have picked up those friendly vibes. Christy took a photo of the cat and emailed it off to me and I compared her markings to photos I had of Jewel. She was definitely the same cat.

Jewel left the area before I could tell Christy to grab her, but she turned up again in November. Back she came to The Owl House. The post on her return is here, with video.
I called the barn owners, and they comfirmed she had been missing, and that they were just as glad to have her move into the adoption program, rather than come back to the barn she had abandoned.

So here she has been for just over a year. We got an email last week from a man who had had a calico cat when he was young, and was looking for another. He came over to visit, and even though Jewel was a bit pissy because other cats were loose, he chose her. She went off to the veterinarian yesterday and came out with a clean bill of health.

Fern was being a true cutie during the adopter visit, but I'm still not comfortable letting her go until she can be picked up. The man has two teenage daughters who visit on weekends, and Fern doesn't hesitate to present her claws when picked up. Still, we now know she will show her cute side to strangers.

So let's hear it for Jewel, who will be happy to get into a home with no other cats, and the affection she deserves!

I also have an inquiry from someone who is interested in Arthur or Gawaine. Hold onto your hats, we may get another adult adoption! That would be a great way to begin 2013. I'd love to get all of our friendly cats into homes before spring when kitten season arrives. Then perhaps I would not need to hide as much as I did last year, out of fear of cat-overload.


  1. Super good news about Jewel! But so sorry about your camera. You are right, photos make posts come to life. Hope you find the camera soon. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

  2. Adult adoptions truly ARE the best! So happy for Jewel!

  3. Yes, one adult adoption is cause for celebration, but 2 would be even better. Fingers and paws crossed....