Saturday, November 26, 2011

Jewel comes home

One day this summer, Christy sent me a photo of a cat who showed up in her garden. The cat looked like Jewel, who had spent two months here raising her kittens, and graces the banner of my previous blog. We compared markings and were fairly certain it was her. However Jewel disappeared, even though Christy left food out for her. Jewel was about a mile from the barn where she had originally been returned after being spayed.

Friday, the phone rang. It was Christy, and Jewel had made another appearance. I called Jewel's owners and, sure enough, they said they had not seen her in months. This time Christy scooped her up and put her in the workroom, and I drove over.

I'd felt badly about putting Jewel back out in the barn to begin with. She was far too friendly to be a barn cat, but I'd had no room at the time. Since Jewel hadn't "stuck" and was apparently going from house to house out there in the Styx, and since her owners said they would take her back but would like to see her find a home, Jewel came to stay with me again.

But first Christy offered tea, and I accepted. If I'm going to get stuck with another cat, I'm going to take all the human contact I can get. I told Christy I had to take a photo as evidence so my family knows I actually do periodically commune with humans.

Jewel was as good as gold in the crate in the car.

She has settled in quite easily here. I'll get her to the vet this week for a combo test and rabies booster.

Here's the link to Jewel with her kittens last summer.

And here she is today in the downstairs of the cat facility:


  1. Oh my...she is wonderful...but then again, I have a soft spot for calicos. So glad she turned up again & will keep my fingers crossed for her to find the perfect indoor home.

  2. i just saw a cat in petsmart who looks so much like jewel i had to do a close inspection. they could be sisters. or bookends. :)

  3. That is so great that Jewel showed up again. We are purring and praying that she will find a loving forever INDOOR home very, very soon.