Sunday, July 29, 2012

Raven goes home

Little Raven is spay/neutered, microchipped, and treated for her problem with lice. She probably could have gone back for her soft-release in her home barn before now, but I had to travel for work so the timeline didn't mesh very well.

She now has glossy black fur now that the lice are gone, and is a wee tiny spitfire without a friendly hair on her. See her originally shabby, skinny, lice ridden photo here. She'll stay in her cage in Donna and Tim's barn to get used to "home" before the door is quietly opened early one evening. Hopefully she will stay, since she was hanging around here for quite awhile before she was caught.

The cage is a ferret cage (around $225 at Petsmart) with the floor hole cut larger (hacksaw required) and I really like it. All four doors open individually, and the extra shelf is sturdy enough for a cat. I got this one at a church sale for $100, but would gladly pay full price down the road to replace some of my other cages. My only complaint would be that the wheels are cheap and will break.

Send good vibes for Raven that she "sticks" when she is released. She will have a good home here with Donna and Tim.

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  1. Very nice cage. You can pick up better wheels at an upholstery supply store relatively cheap.