Saturday, June 9, 2012

Kitties in-house

The Owego/Lisle farm is getting finished up, and we are working on the house cats, now. "Little Bit" is one of those cats who is a tiny ginger streak to strangers. She only loves the man of the house, and spends her time on his lap in his wheelchair. However in the cage at my place, she gets over her hissy fit pretty quick and turns into a tiny lovebug. She's squinting at the flash in this shot.

The veterinarian reported she had pyometra(infection of the uterus) when I picked her up after her spay, so Little Bit is on antibiotics for 10 days. She's a lucky kitty. If she had been left as she was, she could well have fallen very ill and died.

Then this scared little girl (?) showed up at Donna and Tim's barn (who adopted Wings). Of course...if you adopt a cat, it's certain a stray will show up on your porch. Donna trapped her and we caged her up, hoping she would show signs of being tamed, but it appears she is feral. She also has a skin condition. Ringworm? Lice? I can't get close enough to tell. I'm going to pick up some Frontline for her today in case it is lice (Revolution, which I normally use because it kills roundworms and earmites in addition to fleas, doesn't necessarily kill lice, I understand). It is ringworm, it will resolve on its own in a few months, and it's not like I can give her lime sulfer baths.

Little Bit goes home today, and I think I'll talk to Donna about moving this cage back to her barn. It might make sense to have her back at the barn she's going to live in, during the two weeks we are waiting for her spay appointment. Otherwise she'll be sitting her two weeks, then another week recovering from her spay, then two more weeks being reintroduced to her barn home.

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  1. How many have you gotten fixed at the barn? Good work, by the way!