Friday, August 18, 2017

Happy Belated International Black Cat Day!

This is where I should write a thoughtful post about how black cats are overlooked in shelters, and how wonderful it is to have a couch panther of your very own. We have six black cats here, with "Timmick the one-eyed" at the top of the list, followed by Blynken, Nod, Coraline, Ethan, and Jessie Fuzzbucket. All of these lovely cats deserve better marketing than I've been giving them, so you'll likely be seeing a flurry of posts coming up to get them homes. However the posting won't necessarily just be for the sake of the cats.

Lately I've been in a rut, and I realized part of that is because I haven't been blogging. Oh, I blog in my head, but that doesn't get it on the page. Non-monetized blogging (a blog that doesn't attempt to make money via advertising or endorsements) is sort of like having a pen-pal in a far-off country whom you may never get to meet. Even though you just pop a letter in the mail, and maybe get a letter back a few weeks later, you always feel like the person is there in your life. When you give up on your pen-pal, as many of us inevitably do, you are giving up a friend.

I realized that because I was not blogging, I was feeling more and more alone. I'd given up my friend. It doesn't even matter if there are comments. Just making the commitment to share is an act of friendship--whether or not there are actual friends visiting daily to read. When I click on some of the blogs I used to read, and they haven't been updated for years, I feel like a friend has left me behind and I wistfully wonder they are up to. Then I realized I'd done the same thing here to a lot of people who adopted cats from the Owl House, but who tend not to use Facebook. Facebook has its limits as well.

So I'm resurrecting both this blog, and my Feral By Nature blog. I'll keep the cat posts here as usual, and go back to posting things about the house and daily life on Feral By Nature. We'll see how that goes, since I started Feral By Nature basically to keep my mom updated on my life, and she is no longer here to see it. Nonetheless, I get lots of smiles when I look back over my posts and see what I was doing years ago.

So here's to black cats. They are the steadfast cats of rescue--you can always be counted on to have one around. And though they may all look somewhat they same, they are all quite different. And while individuals are sometimes overlooked because there are so many of them, each one is very special to the people in their lives who see them for who they are. Sort of like yet another little cat blog.