Saturday, May 13, 2017

This video is making the rounds on Facebook at the moment:

Our grumpy Fluffy was tamed by kittens. The very first cage-trapped feral spay/neutered at a "feral" spay/neuter clinic (mostly barn cats and holdable cats came in to that first clinic in 2001), Fluffy was stripped bald by the veterinary students who didn't realize he was supposed to be headed back outdoors at my barn. Fluffy stayed inside for his fur to grow, but he so loved the kittens who were loose in the room where he was caged, I let him out.

Since then he has been a pillow for quite a few fearful cats. Here are Fluffy and Pickles:

Fluffy is a bit too old and creaky to allow cats to lie on top of him now. At eighteen, pushing nineteen, he's deaf and bony but still quite, quite fluffy.

Anyone else have a grumpy feral who was tamed by kittens?


  1. We love the video.
    We do not have any grumpy ferals, however, this shows that most cats can be"tamed" when given the opportunity.
    Purrs to Fluffy :)
    Happy Mother's Day to you, cat mum!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  2. LOve that video. I have several cats, all males, who adore kittens and want to be the first to greet them and be with them. Melts my heart!