Sunday, December 18, 2016

Unthrifty kittens go on holiday to a foster home

My two little unthrifty kittens from the lumber yard litter went off to the veterinarian, Dr. Shakespeare at Cornerstone, where the only thing she could find was a possible bacterial infection in the puniest little guy.

But boy, did they luck out, because my veterinarian's daughter Cheyenne, who has volunteered here in the past, was home for the holidays and wanted some kittens to fuss on and love over. So the unthrifty pair went off to my veterinarian's home to get some serious loving for a time, and also the expert attention of my vet. And, bless her, because the kittens were coming into her care, she didn't charge for anything other than the FeLV/FIV tests each kitten had. She covered the blood work and meds.

I kept them for a week until Cheyenne arrived in town, and by then they were both doing quite a bit better. Less whining, and a better looking stool. But they still didn't look like happy healthy kittens. They've been in their foster home for a few days now, and I'm getting some happy-looking photos sent my way via Facebook!

Every kitten deserves a woodstove at Christmas-time!

Because the unthrifty kittens are in their foster home, the two black feral kittens can now come out and romp in my woodstove room. They are pretty easy to catch, and one is quite the purr-ball, but they aren't too enthused with me because I have to treat their eyes three times a day. I'm trying to balance this with toy-time and treats, but one--Blynken--still hisses when I reach for him. The other, Nod, thinks I'm OK.

What a bummer to have two sets of kittens at Christmas-time who aren't able to be adopted out! But at least they are both getting lots of attention, and hopefully will soon be well.


  1. Looks like these kitties will be ready for a home as soon as they are healthy.
    They will be well adapted to humans and ready to play,play play!!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  2. that worked out very nicely! Hopefully they are doing very well very soon.