Sunday, December 4, 2016

Returning torti-mom to her home

The torti-mom of the black feral kittens is all healed up from her spay at the SPCA of Tompkins County and went back to her home today. Her caregiver and the across-the-road neighbors were very concerned that she have shelter in addition to what was there. I don't have any new shelters put together (although I do have wood enough for one cut up, but not assembled) so I took along the one I have out for Buster--who doesn't use it now that he comes inside at night, and also because he has the heated little house on the porch. I'll put together a new one to bring them when I have a chance to get it assembled. So much to do, so little time!

Torti-mom did not go blasting out of the feral cat den when I opened it, so I left it for her to come out at her own pace. I dislike watching the "let-er-run" method of releasing newly spayed female cats, although the mystery gray-and-white eartipped cat, caught here, that I took for a rabies booster, did go zooming off. I was just as glad to see she was going to come out on her own, hopefully after realizing that she's back in her home territory.

If you get tired of boring conversation, the torti is shown again at the 50 second marker.

So at this location there were two adult cats -- the feral torti-mom, who is now spayed and eartipped, the unexpected gray-and-white cat who was already neutered and eartipped who got his rabies booster (so it is likely there is another person caring for cats in this rural section of the highway), and four kittens, two who were adopted by the landowner and a neighbor as indoor pets, and two who are with me, who have been neutered will also be adopted into indoor homes.

From six to two, and the two remaining are sterile, fed, and sheltered. Sounds like decent math to me!

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