Sunday, December 4, 2016

Gifts from the hands and heart

One or twice a year, for a number of years, a beautiful package shows up at my door or at the PO Box. These arrived last week, a year to the day when they arrived last year:

They are all different colors and sizes, and they are a joy to unpack. Lately the ones sent have been round, and they wash really well--because they have no corners, they don't get stretched out on the wash, and for some reason they seem to snag less often on cat claws. They fit in cat beds just beautifully. If you have washed a cat bed, you know the inside never looks quite as nice as it does when purchased, although the outside may look just fine. One of these cuddled into the bed makes it looks new again, and the cats love them.

Fluffy (18 years old) says "yes, indeed."

Here is a video from last year with the foster cats in house check them out before they went out to the cats in the foster facility:

I took a pile into the cat facility, but before I could get them all tucked into cages and beds, Byron decided to check them out:

My heartfelt holiday thanks to the Handmade House in NJ and all the people who might knit/crochet for them, and also to George who, along with Jazz, adopted Tiger Tom and Ziggy, and brought The Owl House into the fold of shelters the Handmade House assists every year.

TigerTom and Ziggy are below, snoozing on Georg's Facebook page:


  1. Do these people have a web site? I would love to buy several for my cats.

  2. I don't think they do, but I can ask one of the artists if they sell them.