Sunday, November 13, 2016

Mystery gift, and lots of plates! Lots! Did I say "lots?"

Jo sent a donation of paper plates and tuna fish (Pepper and Timea loooove their tuna snack!) and an error was made on the order. When Jo sorted it out, the store sent the accidental shipment free, along with the original. We ended up with 2000 paper plates! They will get used, so thank you, Jo!

However she says she is the not the person who sent the wonderful cage cover that arrived on the same day. This cover was on our Amazon Wish List, and is especially helpful now, as it can be used to help keep kittens or cats from sniffing noses too much with other cats, comforting shy cats until they are more relaxed, and keeping sneeze droplets from flying if we should get an upper respiratory in a kitten and we can't move the kitten into isolation for some reason.

There was no note in the box indicating who it came from. If you sent this to us...thank you!


  1. that's the size plate I use for bait when trapping. Hard to find that size around here, affordable that is.