Sunday, October 2, 2016

Your afternoon Buster fix

Buster has become totally friendly to me, although he still won't come in the house of his own accord, after one or two explorations. We'll see if that changes when the temperature plummets.

Here he is trying to live up to the memory of Boris, the white Geneva Street/Albany Street feral patriarch who passed away two years ago.

I'm still not used to having an outdoor cat around. I saw a cat down the road this morning, and called to it. It looked at me, then leaped the ditch into the woods. I swore various four-letter words at people who dump cats, and planned to head down the road with food after finishing cleaning the cat facility. Shortly, Buster showed up.

Duh. It was my own cat.


  1. That's OK. Just means it's one less cat you have to worry about today :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  2. I'm feeding our Wild Kitty again. She showed up and made sure I saw her three times which I think was making sure I put up the Dining Hall. I've got it up on a high table which she can leap to but I think a raccoon also made the leap so we'll see if we can figure out a winter raccoon safe dining hall. She runs off when she sees me and we think she has to have a home somewhere but likes my cooking better. Still, she's thin and she's a cat so I'll feed her and welcome her in if she decides to join us.