Saturday, October 22, 2016

I heard from the squirrel of judgement

I can't find a source for this. It was shared on Facebook via the Writing about Writing page (via Connie of Tails from the Foster Kittens) and when I tried to find it again on Facebook to see if I could track down who made it, a zillion election related posts had pushed it into the whirlpool of my timeline.

Yes, it has been 20 days since my last blog post. In that time a couple of other kittens have been spoken for, and the little kittens have grown up some more. The one little kitten who had been spoken for lost his potential home due to the usual: another more immediate kitten became available from somewhere else. But that's okay. He's still little, pudgy and cute. They are scheduled to be neutered in two weeks.

The new cat tree was offered to us by Tracy, who has fostered for us, for really cheap (just $30) because her cats wouldn't use it. Small kittens love things like this, whereas big cats find them too shaky or small to hang out on. So this tree will stay with this litter for them to destroy as the grow up.

Instead of scrolling mindlessly through Facebook for 20 minutes in the evening, I need to sit down and post on this blog for those people who aren't Facebook users but who give so much to help these cats!


  1. LOL. I do love that squirrel meme.. You know, if you ever see something on fb you like you can "save" it by clicking on the drop down arrow on the upper right corner of the post..

    I love it when you find cat things from other cats who decide they aren't worthy.. I'm glad it is working for you

  2. I am trying to track down that squirrel of judgement too. I am seeing a great comic strip character in there but, you know, copyright.