Monday, October 31, 2016

Buster-the-feral comes inside for National Cat Day

Note: I'm not sure why this posted twice! Must be the blog-powers felt Buster needed more exposure!

Look who decided that National Cat Day was a great day to come inside?

He has come inside the door and has poked around a bit before, but he has never really relaxed. This was the first time he cuddled up to sleep. After three hours he asked to go back outside again, where his heated house keeps him cozy. I've also found him back down in the basement when the wind is high. I guess I won't be fixing that cellar window for awhile yet.

I'd shut him in and just make him deal with behind an indoor cat, except I currently have kittens in the woodstove room, which means my pet cats have only the kitchen, dining area, and the great room to hang out in. Adding another cat to that mix would probably result in spats and spraying, and I can't risk that.

Soon the kittens will be gone to new homes, and he can spend more time indoors. I'm hoping that once the snow flies, he'll be contents to spend most of his time in here.

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  1. how heartwarming. I hope you are right in that he will remember this bit of warmth when the snow flies and seek it out.