Saturday, September 10, 2016

We will be open tomorrow, Sunday September 11, from noon until 4:00. Email if you want to come check out the kittens! Here are just a few.

Pardon me, my tech is showing (or lack of it)!

My laptop died. Sadness. It's only about three years old, but you get what you pay for, and it was a very cheap laptop that I got even cheaper on a work discount. So now I'm trying to make the best of my iPad mini and iPhone, and that means selling the rest of my soul to Google. Half of it was already there with YouTube, Blogger, and Gmail. Now I'm getting Google Drive set up on my iPad/iPhone because all my previous photos were on my laptop. I'll probably be able to get them off the laptop with some finagling, but I'll need to store my photos in the Cloud somewhere where I can access them from these two devices.

As much as I'd prefer a laptop, I'll probably just invest in a larger Bluetooth keyboard for my iPad and iPhone. I can't justify a "many hundreds of dollars" purchase when $100 will get me a good keyboard to use the tiny screens I have. Before I buy a laptop, I need a new washer. The laundromat experience is getting rather tiresome.

The laptop demise comes at a poor time, as we try to get all of these kittens adopted. Five more furballs have arrived, requiring bottle-feeding and butt-cleaning, taking up even more hours of the day. The pet cats tolerate them as they always do. Thank you to everyone who has been so generous with wet cat food donations--that has been a life-saver. Jo, Megan, are my most recent wet-food heroes!

So much has happened, and I'll be trying to learn my way around the Apple technology to get all those stories posted this weekend. I'm such a Windows girl.

And, apparently I'm already having photo issues because when I choose a photo from Google Photos it just inserts it at it's existing size and doesn't ask how I want it formatted. Now it is underlapping the right rail.

Sigh. I'll learn.