Saturday, August 20, 2016

Manx kitten gets chosen...but there's a catch

Of the Manx kitten litter that arrived before the Kitten Flurry of 2016 began, we have just one...the little guy with the cherry eye. The others were all transferred to the SPCA of TC because they were so highly adoptable and would find homes far faster there than here.

This fellow stole the hearts of IC faculty members who had previously adopted Nueve (now Footnote) almost two years ago. However he needs that cherry eye fixed. Luckily his new dad is familiar with English Bulldogs--who often have the same issue--and he understood it is repairable. So this little guy is off to Cornerstone on Monday to get stitched and tucked.

He was a bit wobbly after his neuter! But cute as could be. I'd like to train more of my kittens to collars before adoption, however I'm so paranoid that they'll get hooked on something in a cage at night.

His eye was checked at Cornerstone when the entire Kitten Flurry went in for FeLV/FIV combo tests, so there was no additional charge for them to check it, bless them! Thank you, Dr. Shakespeare!


  1. how wonderful that someone who understands is there at the right place at the right time. I love it when that happens