Saturday, August 20, 2016

Lockwood kittens' mom gets fixed

Four of the Kitten Flurry kittens came from a rural home, where their mom cat had been abandoned earlier last winter. Once mom dried out from nursing the kittens, it was time for her to come back to get spayed. It was great that the landowner agreed to keep her (while we would take the kitten) and he even helped contribute.

Her daughter Wildflower went in the same day, and I'm told mom and daughter meowed up a storm the entire time they were at the veterinarians.

So that's one location that will have no more kittens!

I appear to have gotten an extra discount. I think I hear some murmuring that they couldn't figure how to get one of them off, and then the words, "Oh, just leave it." I try not to come in right as they are closing, but this time I couldn't get out of work early. It worked out to my benefit. I think I owe them a lot of brownies or something now!