Monday, June 13, 2016


We have a new kitty here. Basil was supposed to be a quick visitor. From a feral colony in Waverly, he was supposed to just get a neuter, shots, worming, and flea/earmite treatment, and head home.

Unfortunately he had a half-healing injury so off to the veterinarian he went:

He seems to enjoy being petted, although he doesn't look for it. When I put his wet food in front of him in the cage, he immediately eats it. Most feral cats will wait until the threat (me) is gone--or at least has moved across the room--before eating. Because he has to stay here until that wound is entirely healed, I went ahead and had him FeLV/FIV tested (negative!) in case he tames up while he is visiting. While it's likely he doesn't have an owner given that he's at least two years old and unneutered, we'll report him as found to Stray Haven, and perhaps he'll find a new home where he doesn't have to worry about fight wounds in the future.


  1. wouldn't that be nice if he came around. Purrs that he heals well

  2. I hope Basil gets a forever home. I guess your state has a different rabies law. I brought in a feral with wounds for TNR and I had to agree to keep him inside for 6 months or they would euthanize him. I kept him and now he sits on my lap.

    1. In Basil's case because he's taming up he will be quarantined and will only be adopted to an indoor home after six months. I seldom am able to find a home for an adult shy cat in less than six months to a year, especially during kitten season. I asked the veterinary staff to be sure to handle him as a feral (in the trap--no hand restraint) even though they might have been able to hold him by hand, to be 100% sure there wouldn't be an accidental bite or scratch to a human. It was because he did have a wound on him that his status went from "TNR" to "trip to the veterinarian and hold until healed.