Sunday, April 3, 2016

Dixie's adopted!

Dixie, Solo's sister, was adopted last month into a new home with a buddy about her own age. She was a good little girl on the trip:

On the way I stopped in Endwell to drop off a crate I'd sold on Craigslist for $30. It was far too large for the work I do with ferals, especially now that I have two-level Midwest ferret cages when I need more space. I (stereotypically) assumed the person who asked for the crate had a dog. Surprise! The person had actually rescued a local cat in her neighborhood. She'd gotten him neutered and vaccinated, but then he was attacked by a dog and his leg was fractured (but not entirely broken). She needed the cage to put Professor Quinn on six weeks cage rest.

Since we talked a bit about cats, that put me a little behind, but soon we were on our winding road again down to Montrose PA, where Dixie met her new friend:

Farewell, Dixie! Have a wonderful life!

On the way back I could enjoy the extremely curvy rural roads a bit more, since obviously I wasn't going to go be-bopping along with a cat in the front seat. I came to a fast halt (actually a slow miss and a turn-around) to take a photo of a Shelter Pet Project billboard:

I love seeing those!

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  1. we don't have billboards in Maine, so this is the first I am seeing this one and I can see why you love it.