Saturday, February 20, 2016

Pepper and Timea

Last week two big boxes arrived with four huge bags of Purina Cat Chow from Pepper and Timea's rescuer in NJ.

She's been keeping them well fed, not to mention the help it provides for our other cats.

So here they are saying "Thank you!"

These two lovely tigers are ready for a secure and loving home. As you can see they are exceedingly friendly now that they have gotten used to me. It took about three weeks for them to be relaxed, and another month or so for them to turn into the ultra-loving cats you see here, so they will need someone with a guest room to introduce them slowly. But then what gorgeous cats you would have! Timea's beautiful swirls, and Sgt. Pepper's handsome stripes.


  1. They sure are friendly. My goodness.

  2. They really are. When we agreed to take them, I figured they might be here for life. But quite honestly, they will make extremely special friends for the right home. I wouldn't mind having just the two of them as my own cats. Right now they rule the upstairs because my puursonal cat Oliver sees them as a threat to his rule. :)