Saturday, February 20, 2016


January has been good to the Owl House cats! Many have found new homes! Deci has found a place where her quirky nature gets to shine (photo is from here at the Owl House):

Here new mom says:

We have decided to rename her as Sadie and she seems to respond the same to it. She is such a wonderful addition to our family. She now has free run of the house, has adjusted to having her litter box in the bathroom and is eating well. She thinks Rob is about the best toy she has met and I swear they can spend endless hours playing with all of her toys. She likes to cuddle and snuggle with me, but I am apparently doing something wrong because she has no interest in playing with me -- I have come to peace with it as at the same time she will not snuggle Rob (he is strictly a toy) J She loves her cat tree and I have found her perched in high places all over the house. What a ball of fun she is! Thank you again for bringing us together.

Pierre has also found a home. He's off to foster-to-adopt this week. He was totally unconcerned at the veterinarian's office for his pre-adoption check-up:

Happy will be moving into a foster home after his eye-surgery on Monday, with a couple that has lots of animal experience and will be able to see how he does in a house, and will be more likely to get his eye meds on schedule than here:

Solo also found a home. More to come on how her adoption went, in a separate post. Here she is arriving and meeting her new housebud "Ziggy."


  1. Pierre looks exactly like a "Pierre". Perfect name! Love that cat.

  2. His previous name was Scruffy and a visitor changed his name to "Pierre" --lucky for him! It's a much better name.