Friday, January 8, 2016

Treats sneaked from Facebook

It's time for a round-up of Owl House kitties I've seen on Facebook or have been sent via email. It's been a long while since I've done this so I may have missed quite a few!

Stephanie's Jasper from back in November:

April's Rocket from this Christmas!

Mary Beth's Whitten, also checking out the Christmas tree:

Phillip and Jelli, lifted from Christy's Facebook page:

Schubert and Tuck, forwarded to us by Nancy from an email she received from Ann and Steve:

Bo and Davis, nipped from Meg's Facebook page

Ziggy and Tiger Tom, from georg's Facebook timeline:

And Daphne (recently Goggles) in her new home!

Sorry if I missed anyone! Facebook doesn't show everything Friends post so I may have missed some. Send us photos of your Wildrun or Owl House cats and we'll love to post them--and see our cat friends again.

Hey, we are getting new additions after sharing this on Facebook. Here is Rosemary, shared by Marita:

And when Marita posted Rosemary, I recalled Amanda's kitten Buffy, who was Rosemary's kitten, along with Bo and Davis above:

With Facebook it's like I get to keep them all, without having to feed them and clean their cat boxes!

One more added! Here's Nueve, now "Footnote" sent to us by Eric and Katharyn: