Saturday, October 3, 2015

Kittens dumped while I was traveling

My cat caretakers were greeted by this box last week while I was traveling for work, sitting next to the door to the cat facility, which is a mere four feet from the roadway:

The box contained these two little girls:

They are healthy and friendly, but of course unplanned, so now we are having to figure them into the budget. At least they are not shy kittens, and did not get loose from the box! I have put food in the lower barn, in case any escaped unnoticed, or if a mom cat was dumped as well.

On the "planned" side, handsome Half Moon was neutered last week and will be going back to his colony in Waverly:

Two kittens were just adopted and will be delivered to their new home in Vestal tomorrow, Rambler and Blue! I'll posted photos of them later today. Now I'm out the door for a cat litter/cat food run.

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