Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Cats meeting babies for the first time

This is very sweet. Please share with any pregnant friends who have had to listen to all the unwise people who say "you have to get rid of your cat if you are having a baby." It ain't so!


  1. Oh, I get so mad when I hear (or see online) pregnant moms being told to rehome their cats because of silly reasons like "the cat will sit on the baby!" or "you'll get toxoplasmosis from scooping the litter while you're pregnant!" Feh. It made my care provider feel better if I had my husband scoop the litter while pregnant, so he did, but we never even considered getting rid of Salem. And for the record, he was mostly OK with my daughter until the first time she cried--then you could tell he was thinking "Gah! It makes noise! Oh heck no!" and he fled. Now he's *finally* coming around now that she (now 7 years old) and her little brother know where we keep the cat food and how to scritch him properly. :)