Friday, September 11, 2015

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I can't thank people enough for all the canned food and other needed items that have arrived over this past month! Seriously, I was eating ramen and the cats and kittens were eating canned food...this is such a huge help! (On an unrelated note, how is it that Ramen is cheaper than it was when I was in college? How scary is that when you think of what it's made of, and who has to make it and how little they get paid to do so)?

From Sara. Sara also sent feather toys and more paper plates which arrived the next day, but my phone got wet and now the camera takes blurry photos :(

From Carolyn:

From Christy and Gordon:


From Gretchen:

From Elizabeth:

I also got a seventy five dollar Amazon card from work for the extra effort of our team, so that all went for canned food, too!

There is a link in the right column to our Amazon Wish List. You can also find it here. And remember, even if you are scraping by on ramen yourself, just reading this blog is a great help...a donation in itself. Every uptick in stats helps ward off compassion fatigue! Thanks, everyone!


  1. That is terrific, Susan, that you are getting help! I don't know why Ramen is so cheap. It's a little scary. I use the noodles, then add some of my own stir fried vegees and spices, which really makes it taste great.