Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Roadside and Craigslist provide great cat furniture

If there's one thing Craigslist has an abundance of, it's entertainment centers. You know, those huge overgrown bookshelves built to hold heavy electronics that are now obsolete in the new era of flatscreen TVs and MPG players. Early this spring I came across one in an interesting shape that was already taken apart, for twenty bucks, so I drove down past Owego to pick it up. It sat here leaning again a wall all summer until I finally decided I would hate myself if I tripped over it all winter. I got out the jigsaw to cut some holes, and put it together. I still had some new carpet tiles (also Craigslist from about a year ago) and found cat beds online for five bucks each. My hope is that with more places to sleep, the cats in the house will not all feel like they have to sleep with me this winter, or at least will have many sleeping options when I push them out of bed.

So far, other than the lower level, they are not particularly interested. I've started scattering treats around, and I'll make some other adjustments. So don't go out and buy one of your own! For all I know, this experiment will be a flop.

Then while driving into town to feed the Fast Food Ferals, I saw someone packing up a roadside sale with lots of old furniture. The last thing I really need is more furniture, but my car turned around on its own (I swear!). I saw an antique couch and asked how much, certain that it would be more than I would be willing to pay. But the guy said just 30 dollars, so we loaded it in my car and he even lent a bungie cord. A quick session with the Bissel Spot Bot and I had not only guest seating, but a place for cat beds when there are no guests here:

And the cats love it. So that was a success at least, and I won't feel so badly when I have to tip Fluffy or Pickles off the bed, since they insist on sleeping right by my head, which is no fun at all.

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  1. $30! that is impressive. such a beautiful looking piece.

    And I'm sure they will check out the other one in time. it is very clever and well done. I'd love something like that for my foster kittens, they would be all over it.