Saturday, July 4, 2015

Kittens ready to go next weekend

So many kittens, some friendly, some shy. With at least four who are very friendly, it's time to get them up on Petfinder and have an adoption gathering next weekend.

Blue is female a super cute. While she was a longhair as a small kitten, she is a fuzzy shorthair now, which means she'll probably be fuzzier in he winter, and grow a fuzzy tail. Her coat should be easy to take care of.

Rambler is an extremely friendly, glossy black cat. He's going to be someone's close friend and confidant, and he'll have some handsome black panther looks.

Coraline is hiding, peeved that I cleaned her ears!


  1. Blue looks a bit like my nebelung did as a kitten.. he was a rescue too.