Saturday, July 4, 2015

Fluffy was sick, but is better again

Fluffy gave me a big scare a week or so ago. He was very lethargic, lost some weight, was making a choking noise (but not frequently enough to indicate an actual obstruction), and was hanging out away from me and all of the other cats. Because he's a senior, I figured it was better to be safe rather than sorry, and hauled him off to the veterinarian after only a day and a half of signs of illness. Dr. Christine Armao felt it was an allergic upper respiratory infection, their first of the season. Fluffy got some fluids and a steroid shot and within 12 hours was feeling much better. They sent me home with an antibiotic "just in case" since the weekend was arriving, but he did not seem to need it.

Long live the king!

Valentina decide to come up limping badly in the cat facility. I figured I'd give her 24 hours. The next day...uh oh...she was holding the front paw up. The leg was not swollen or misshapen, but who knows what's up with out a radiograph? I caged her up for 48 hours and then let her out for an experimental walk. Limp would mean "off to the vet." No limp would mean "cage rest for a number of weeks." Fate gave us "No Limp." So I let her out to eat wet food with the other cats, and put her back in her cage when I'm done cleaning. Luckily, she walks right back in on her own when I put her dry food inside, so she must not be too upset by the confinement.

Thinking of doing cat rescue? Remember, things like this happen almost monthly. It's not just worming, vaccinations and spay/neuter, and you can't just "wait and see" all the time.

Another lucky side effect of Valentina being caged...she's far more affectionate than her previously very shy self.

It's ALWAYS the prettiest ones who end up with something that puts a "hold" on their adoption. Hopefully, in Valentina's case, this will make her more adoptable, if she becomes more affectionate.

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  1. aww.. I'm sorry to hear about Fluffy, but glad the treatment worked so well.

    I had a cat get stung by a wasp once.. his poor foot double in size, it had to have been painful for him. Will admit though, he never went after wasps again.