Sunday, June 14, 2015

Kittens and more kittens...

I've been way behind in blogging...apologies to donors and regular readers! I have more to post, but I thought I would at least get the most recent litter posted. This batch of hissy cuties was caught all in one day. The kittens were caught using a droptrap, while mom-cat glared at me, and then mom-cat was caught a few hours later in a traditional cage trap. Mom will get spayed and go back to the very kind woman who has been feeding her for a few years, and I'm working on the kittens to tame them and get them homes.

Here are mom and Lemur before they were captured:

I made the mistake of stopping at a garage sale in Spencer yesterday and---just guess--they had an abandoned calico with kittens under their mobile home. They will call me once the kittens get old enough to peek out.

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  1. Oh boy, same here, tons of kittens. You are an angel to cats in your area!