Sunday, May 3, 2015

Our first fundraiser

Up until now we have always relied on our limited personal funds and the self-initiated goodwill of adopters and readers to help spay/neuter cats. Yesterday Debra arrange for a PO Box for our new future 501c3. Next step: state incorporation (drafted), then the EIN, bank account, and 501c3.

However, the cats and kittens aren't waiting. So for the first time I've created a GoFundMe page to try and help EVERY person who has called us so far. Usually someone gets pushed off because we just don't have the funds. So here we go!

Assuming that we will need $3000 for our work up until the end of June (Spring 2015) and that we will be contributing $1000 of personal funds for veterinary care, I've asked for $2000. It has been up a hour and we have $150. Meeting this first goal would be a huge shot of confidence for us--not to mention a lifesaver for 20 or more cats--as we move toward launching a spay/neuter fund for outdoor cats in Spencer, Van Etten, and Waverly. If you have the resources...even $5, please consider donating. If you do not, please continue visiting for updates. We can see the stats on readers here, and even just those stats give us a sense of not being alone! Thank you!


  1. I wish I had a lot of money.

  2. Don't we all! I constantly dream of winning Powerball or something, doling out a few hundred thousand to friends and family, and creating the mother of all spay/neuter funds just for ferals! But I guess we'll have to raise it dollar by dollar, and then it's just for the cats.