Saturday, May 9, 2015

One quarter of the way there...thank you!

Hey (wow!) we are over one-quarter of the way to our $2000 goal on our GoFundMe campaign Thank you! I've made a neuter appointment for Gremlin at Cornerstone. Debra has made two appointments for Monday and has traps set for cats in Waverly. Scruffy has more lime-sulfer dip for his ringworm (video to come) and the VanEtten kittens, who tested positive for coccidiosis, have KMR for extra liquid to hold off dehydration from diarrhea, and Albon (Rx). Receipts below, and receipts for spay/neuter will be posted as they occur.

Christine, who donated to the campaign, named a little female kitten "Coraline," which is a beautiful name, and one we have not had before:

"Apollo Torty" named this little girl "Blue":

And I named this little kitten "Rambler" for Valarie's donation:

Thank you to everyone who has donated, and please share with others, so we can reach our spring goal and not have lots of requests for help hanging on until summer, which would mean...more kittens! If you are on Facebook you can go to this link and share. If you have adopted a cat from us, please mention that to your Friends when you post! Thank you!

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