Sunday, May 3, 2015

Kitten update --- the bland diet

The kittens are cute, but their litter box is not. They've been treated for roundworms and coccidia, and while the smell is reduced, they still have very loose stools. So until I can get a stool sample off to the veterinarian, I'm going to feed them chicken. I hate purchasing factory-farmed chicken, but hopefully this will be the only purchase I'll need to make to get them back on track. Once its thoroughly cooked it will be chopped up into kitten-sized mouthfuls. They are also on KMR to be sure they get all the extra nutrition they need.

Here are the little purr-monsters

Wish them well and happy stomachs soon!


  1. Oh, I hope they gt better soon!

  2. I give it to them raw.. clears them up in no time. Does your vet prescribe marquis paste for coccidia?