Sunday, May 31, 2015

June 7 (Sunday!) work party. Eat, drink, paint, weed, pet kittens!

Need an excuse to get out next weekend? Come on by the Owl House for an hour or all afternoon to eat, drink, paint, weed the Memory Garden, make prayer flags in memory or in honor of a special person or pet, or make a memory stake (bring some flowers if you wish) for your pet, to stay in the memory garden (stakes provided).

In spring, the Memory Garden always gets a bit outside of my control when I travel for work. And every few years the cat facility needs to be painted, to cover up any "buggies" that might have lodged in the wood paneling. I bleach the facility three times before it is painted, but the new paint livens it up (especially that low ceiling!) and covers up anything that might have been missed.

Come on by! Please do RSVP as alcohol will be on-site, so this is not a party that is open to the public. If you have a friend you wish to bring along, no problem...just let us know at or leave a comment here. You can RSVP right up to that day.

Gifts are NOT expected (hard-working hands are enough for painting, weeding, and playing with kittens), but for those of you who insist on bringing things, we always need paper towels, large or small paper plates, and turkey baby food. Used towels (not new!) are also always appreciated. New towels get snagged easily by cats. Towels only survive cats if they have been washed a hundred times.

We also really need a new sprayer (for bleaching walls every few weeks) and a (POST NOTE! WE HAVE AN ARMOIRE THANK YOU!) small used or new armoire for our new coffee-maker and water dispenser for visitors. Used is fine. It just need to have doors, be tall enough for people to make coffee, but not be over 74" tall.

But seriously, just your presence and friendship makes it all worth it, and gives us the jolt of goodness in our hearts that keeps us going all summer long!


  1. If I didn't live on the other side of the country, I'd be there! :-)

    1. I might be in Colorado in September, in Blackhawk. I'm not sure yet. Scroll down for conference.

    2. Very cool! Though, I must admit I haven't been up to Blackhawk since they legalized gambling. I have nothing against gambling, it just saddens me to see giant Las Vegas style casinos crammed into what used to be a beautiful little mountain town.

      But I digress... if you do end up coming, let me know and perhaps we can find a way to get together! :-)

  2. Normally when I travel I try to find a local place to eat (non-chain, non-casino) but I couldn't find anything while I was in Blackhawk a few years ago. However the drive from Blackhawk to Golden, where I visited some shelters, was gorgeous. I'll let you know!