Friday, April 10, 2015

New Orleans

I'm blessed with a job where I periodically travel as a representative or speaker to conferences and workshops. There was a point in my life where I used to pick one conference a year, save up for the registration fee and gas all year, and then camp at the nearest campground a $12 a night to be able to afford to attend. Now I get to go to around four a year, and be warm safe and dry in a hotel room. I get to meet wonderful people and learn new things.

I just came back from the Animal Care EXPO in New Orleans. There was a whole track on cats. Although I had already been exposed to much of the content via online webinars, the best part, of course, is sitting in the audience with people who are just like on the ground in the streets and fields trying to help cats. I'll be posting in the future on some of the issues that struck me. It's interesting to see TNR "mainstreamed." Some part of the movement I definitely approve of. Others, I have differences with.

Notes: If you aren't following the most recent changes in animal shelter management of cats, you should check into it. You can learn more here at The Million Cat Challenge (!)

Travel also means I usually get at least a couple of hours to wander. Mycolleague Melissa and I arrived about two hours early so we took a walk. So here are a couple of pictures of the French Quarter.

We actually were staying in the Arts Quarter, but arrived just as artists were mostly packing up for the day. I usually try to purchase one small memento from each trip to a major city. New Orleans figures largely in my past due to the many hours helping shelters online after Hurricane Katrina, so when I saw this little painting I thought "That's the one." The artist assured me I could purchase a companion painting of a cat online. Now if I can only find what I did with his card.

A seance room at a French Quarter restaurant.

I arrived home to cold weather, but it finally is warming up into the 60s this week. So much spring stuff to do! So many calls about cats! Winter, it seems, is finally over.

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