Monday, March 2, 2015

S-VE Community Showcase

Yesterday (Sunday) was the Spencer-Van Etten Community Fair. I woke to more snow falling, which was a bummer because of course the crowd would be thinner if the roads stayed slippery (and they did)

We weren't the only rescue there. Angel Eyes and New Beginning were both here with booths. Angel Eyes had these awesome fuzzy socks (and my family knows I love fuzzy socks) two pair for a dollar, so I spent $2 and have four sets to keep my toes toasty for the rest of this long, long winter.

I've gotten very tired of hanging a rolled-up banner in front of my table. It always has to be reverse-rolled to hang flat, and requires tape, and always sags despite my best intentions. So when VistaPrint rolled out one of their 50% off sales I purchased a new banner with a stand, and what an improvement that is! It takes up more room, but it's up at eye level, much easier to read, and much easier to put up and take down.

Poor Oliver didn't think much of the PA system used to announce raffle winners. I need to make sure next year I bring a bomb-proof cat or, if we don't have one, no cat at all. Having a cat really brings people over, but it is a pretty loud venue.

I put a padlock on his cage and covered him up for about 10 minutes so I could take a walkabout, and I found these teacups for five bucks. I am a coffee drinker (I love tea, but drink coffee more often) however most of the people who visit here are tea drinkers and I only have mugs to serve tea in. I've been watching for sturdy vintage tea cups for a long while. All I have found are very delicate cups which understandably don't fit my lifestyle (they wouldn't survive long). So now I have tea cups and saucers for my visitors! Come on over, tea drinkers!

I could have purchased four more for another five bucks, but the chances of me having eight people to tea are pretty much zero.

We received about $40 in donations which will just cover the office visit fee for Dusty's vet visit, so thank you to all the people who visited the booth!

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