Sunday, March 15, 2015

Look who is in the house

Fluffy (16-18 years old) and Pickles (14 years old) have moved into the house. Catching Pickles was a bit of an adventure, which ultimately involved a pillowcase, but they are both in the upstairs back bedroom. Then I'll let them into the whole upstairs, and then into the downstairs.

At 2am, Fluffy started howling. When I went up to visit them, he was by the door, asking to be let out. I can't imagine what is going through his mind after spending nearly all his life in the cat facility where he was king. I hope he likes it here.

Heidi and Lucy have moved from their run into the cat room, and Valentina and Robin moved from the house to the cat room as well. Valentina is in a cage in that room because Heidi was affronted by her presence, and poor Robin is putting up with the glares and hisses with fairly good spirits.

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  1. He'll probably get used to a life of luxury. LOL.