Wednesday, March 18, 2015

It's not Spring, it's "Combing Season"

I don't know what happened to all my cat combs. I guess the Comb Gremlin ate them, and I have three long-hair cats who require combing, in additional to the short-furred ones. I stopped by the Big Box pet stores, and all they had was crap for combs for dogs and cats. I hope it's just that they were out, because cute pink combs and brushes with short plastic-tipped bristles are not going to do much more than give a cat a massage. So Amazon, here we come.

My veterinarian had this style at their office (in a more professional model) and it worked great of Grayson when he was there, so I picked up three. I'll shop for short-hair combs later.

Seven says "hi" again from Connecticut:


  1. Oh yes... there's a whole lot of sheddin' goin' on here too! I've had great luck with a comb called the Furminator - you have to be careful with the long haired ones because it can pull, but it sure gets the fur out!

  2. I have a hate/love relationship with the Furminator. I have some cats it works great on. Others, it just doesn't seem to work well, especially cats that are good for two minutes of combing but won't put up for more than that. People keep giving them to me, and I keep donating them to other rescuers who love them, and just keep the two I have. That and flea combs. I don't need more flea combs. I only use them to get dying fleas off of kittens I am bathing. Do I ever lose a Furminator or a flea comb? Never. But standard metal combs? Gone. Gone. It's a Comb Gremlin, I swear.

  3. Just stopping by to say how much I've been enjoying your recent posts & the photos. Just amazing and lovely.

    Daddy Kiril (Miss Elvira & Miss Sneakers)
    The Opinionated Pussycat