Thursday, March 12, 2015

Dusty is adopted. Is your head spinning yet?

Yet another cat has been adopted! Dusty was quite happy to leave my company and move in with Jake, her new guardian. I had been dosing her twice daily with Clavomox, not to mention her pre-adoption vet visit, pre-adoption worming, and regular monthly Revolution application. Can you blame her for being somewhat pleased to leave my company?

I think she'll be just fine. Of course, as with all of our cats, she is on her two-week trial. Still, look what greeted me on the wall of her new home when I delivered her. Clearly we have a cat lover here. And a beautiful piece of cat furniture (our current "adoption fee") was there for her to explore.

AND her new guardian had printed off instructions on how to get my rescue email on my iPhone.

I will need to let Dusty's previous guardian know she has found a place!

She loves this guy. She almost couldn't wait to see me go.

Oh well...that's how we like it. Good luck, Dusty!

Here's Dusty in her previously "feral" life:


  1. Wow, you are really moving them out the door. Good for you.