Monday, March 2, 2015

Dreaming of spring --- the planned farm stand

Yes, it is still winter here. But I am dreaming of spring.

I'm planning a veggie garden that is larger than last year, which means I will have too much produce for just myself. I've also been offered some year-old hens, so I'm going to have chickens again, which means there will be eggs to sell and give away. So I've decided to put a farm stand out front again. Some of you may remember that my last stand was actually stolen (yes, someone took the actual stand!). I think they thought it was being given away for free one day when I had produce out with a "free" sign on it.

I will stake the next one down.

In the "haymow" of my barn--which has no hay--is this old cabinet that I plan to lower down, clean up, repair, and paint. I'm going to use this for the stand. I can close it up at the end of the day. Produce can go in the drawers, which I can pull out part way to display them. I'll need to build a bit of a "roof" so it is protected from rain, and I'll need to make sure it's up off the ground so it doesn't rot.

Getting it down from they haymow will be a bit of an adventure. I may install the "roof" and include some heavy-duty hooks or something similar so I can lower it down by rope with some help. I always wonder about the history of some of the things I find on this farm. How long has this cabinet been here? Why is it in the haymow, for goodness sake?

In addition to veggies, I also plan to put out some crafts, also made with scavenged farm-stuff. I have a zillion windows and window frames in the barn as well. I was at an antique store and saw this idea for a card display/wall hanging made from an old window frame and chicken wire (which I also have a ton of):

So I made that one (above). I'll make a few more, some with the original worn paint, and some painted fresh, and then see if they actually sell before putting in the effort of making more. I also have smaller window frames I can use.

I don't expect I'll make much, but it's something that I can do with the extras I have around here. I'm off the beaten path so not a lot of people drive by. Once I have eggs, I'll put a sign out on Halsey Valley Road. One thing people will turn the corner for is farm eggs, and hopefully they will then purchase some of the produce.

Spring..oh, spring...please hurry along soon!

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