Saturday, January 24, 2015

Oliver filters on a single cylinder--missing a kidney!

So we've been going full-throttle on adoptions lately. I'm not sure what's up. Is it the increased presence on Facebook? Replacing the adoption fee with the option of purchasing cat furniture for your new cat adopted from us? Referrals? Coyote, Nueve, Octave, Bo & Davis have recently been adopted (or are in the process of foster-to-adopt), Adison and Seneca were TNR'd, and the "coming in" numbers for once equal the "going out" numbers.

Of course there has to be an anomaly. Nothing can go completely smoothly. This month's anomaly is named Oliver.

Oliver was on hold with a couple who weren't certain if they wanted Oliver or Octave. They went home and thought on it and decided on Oliver if all went well with his neuter. And wouldn't it figure, with a home all set for him, something unusual would happen? The veterinarian noted that one kidney was enlarged, and the other could not be felt at all. His kidney function right now seems OK (blood test) but curiosity got the best of them and they took a radiograph to confirm (no charge to us, bless them). Sure enough, he was missing a kidney on the left. Now, an ultrasound would show more, but wouldn't change the situation. That made Oliver a wild card. He could be fine and live a grand old life. However he needs to have a kidney-thoughtful diet, and a regular check of his kidney function throughout his life. He also needs to go to a home where the adopter could accept that his life could possibly be shorter than normal, so he probably shouldn't be someone's one-and-only. Luckily he loves other cats and dogs, so there is no problem with him going to a home with other pets. The couple that had been uncertain who to adopt then decided Octave would be a better option for them, and I agree. This would be their first, and only, cat. To take on a cat who will be big step up as a financial obligation and just might quickly fall ill is tough for someone choosing their very first "own pet."

So Oliver will be hanging out here in the house until the right home comes along. He is no problem at all. He is quite friendly and affectionate, but is happy going off in the other room to snooze by himself. He does have a dangerous (smile) attraction to the twitching tails of Rose and Bear. Bear tolerates being treated like a cat toy. Rose is not so pleased, but that only makes her twitch her tail more violently, which draws even greater attention from Oliver. But after a hiss, he lays low. He is a wise little boy.

FeLV or FIV would have been a worse issue than firing on a single kidney cylinder. But gosh, just when everything was going so great, it's a bummer to have a great Unknown rear its head.


  1. My mom had only one kidney all her life. She didn't even find that out til later in life. Born that way. Also she had two uterus's.

    1. A lot of the information I've been finding has been based on human folks with just one kidney. There isn't a whole lot on cats.