Monday, October 13, 2014

Kittens in the house - Octave and Nueve

These aren't great photos or video, but I'm getting them up here so these kittens can be seen for adoption!

Octave, cute little male tiger. Afraid of nothing! Well, except vacuum cleaners.

Nueve, dilute calico female. Shy, but quickly coming out of her shell.

These two are not littermates, but they have become friends.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fall Festival!

This week was a blur! Has it already been six days since the Harvest Festival at Baker Florist? We did in fact make it. Debra zoomed over from Waverly to help put up the booth. I was keeping my fingers crossed that the tent I picked up at a garage sale last year (which I had not yet even taken out of its wheeled bag) was as nice as the seller said it would be. I didn't even know what color it might be! It lacked stakes, but it went up like a dream and was in perfect condition. It was much nicer than one I might have been able to get at a big-box store (which are temperamental to get up and down, are flimsy and turn into twisted metal in a rain storm). So from now on we can look as professional as the rest of the vendors at these events!

It was quite warm...almost 80. Because I live only 3 miles away, I swapped the cats out in two-hour intervals. Corky, Coyote, and Lucy made the trip. It was a first for Coyote and Lucy. Corky is an old hand at it.

Beautiful Coyote waits for a home.

Shy little Lucy wasn't sure what to make of all the motorcycles driving by enjoying the beautiful weather

While there were no adoptions, we did get some donations, people picked up adoption flyers to post for us, and we had two great offers to help as we go forward. It was a gorgeous day, the company was good, and it's always fun to hang out with kids, as I often don't get that chance. Lots of people took our free ID tags that we give out, and each of those has our card in the baggie they come in, so I do hope we get some more blog readers (and a few more pets get tags so they can be immediately returned if they get lost!)

This time, upon breaking down, I packed everything in a big plastic tub instead of using LL Bean bags like I have previously, so everything will stay safe and clean until the next outing!