Monday, August 25, 2014

Time makes a mess. Cleaning up.

Pre-post note: Do you need to build shelters? Here are some great plans and here is a video on building them. These aren't the shelters I built, but I might try them next time around.

It's always so nice when you first start seriously managing a feral cat colony. Nice new shelters. Nice clean straw. Nice new bowls.

Then time takes over. Sowbugs and spiders move in. They need a repainting. Then gradually paint just doesn't cut it. Corners start to rot.

They need to go, to be replaced by something new.

This summer it was time to replace the feeding stations for the Fast Food Ferals. This would be the third round of new boxes for that location. I brought them down about a month ago, but wasn't able to drag the old ones out alone. This weekend when I went in to replenish the food, I cleaned out the back of my car and brought along a sledge hammer to pummel the old shelters into pieces that would be small enough for Nancy and I to carry. I sprayed the pieces with insect killer (sorry Mother Nature, but I really don't want huge spiders making a home in my car. I miss my old truck!) and met Nancy at Chili's to give the insects a chance to pass on. Then we went back to load my car.

Bye, bye old shelters!

Thank you to Nancy for helping me out, for letting me pick your brains about having a housemate, and for just in general letting me purge my soul. There is nothing better than a friend.


  1. Those are great shelters and a great video .
    Love the paw tattoo ;)
    Have you ever had a problem with raccoons
    getting in the shelters?

    1. Isn't that a great video? The paw print tattoo made me laugh. I totally did not expect it. I haven't had too much problem with raccoons make the shelters their actual home, although I'm certain they used them now and then. They do raid the feeding station, which is why I prefer the cats get fed in the day time, and only as much as they might eat, so in the evening there isn't much for the wild critters to get. My shelters have two doors, and I find the cats like that more (so they can escape) and the raccoons like that less (too hard to defend two doors).