Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Presents in the mail from Handmade House in NJ

I believe my mailperson is training to be a ninja. I took Molly for a short walk, came home, took her inside, stopped in the bathroom, came out, and found these waiting for me on the coffee table on the porch:

Cat blankets from the stealth knitters! Just in time, as the last batch are almost gone, except for a couple of hardy ones that for some reason didn't get cat-kneaded into non-existence. The cats, especially those who end up spending time in a cage, love these. And adopters love them as well. When we send one home with them and let them know that people actually knit them for the cat or kitten they adopted, they get a real understanding that animal rescue is a community affair.

With five adoptables in the house, certainly we first had to check them out with the cats who were sunning on the porch. Seven and Patter gave them a once over. Seven apparently believes they make better toys than beds.

In the cat facility, Fluffy gives the blankets a snuggle test. Apparently he approves:

The cats are so happy when they get new things that smell and feel differently from the same-old same-old boring towels that smell like my usual laundry. I'll add more photos tomorrow when they get added to their runs!

Thank you! Thank you! It's so wonderful to know you are thinking of us!

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