Thursday, August 14, 2014

Pitter and Patter Adoption Post

Here are Pitter (female) and Patter (male)!

They are spay/neutered, FeLV/FIV negative, vaccinated, treated for fleas and internal parasites. They are shy of strangers and will take some time to settle in to a new home, however they are extremely loving and very fun with their "people" as you will see from the videos below! Patter is more outgoing than Pitter, but Pitter is big on cuddles and headbutts.

A quiet home is preferred, and it would be wonderful if they could go together, because as you can see, they are quite bonded. If they were adopted together, the adoption fee would be only $50--the usual fee for one cat.

As always, we waive the adoption fee entirely if the adopter purchasing a new cat tree with a tall scratcher and sleeping places, for your home (available at Petsmart, Petco or a similar store).

Pitter and Patter arrived on our doorstep last fall, nearly dead. I was skeptical they could be saved, but when someone else has gone to the effort of rescuing two kittens off the side of the road and asks you for help to take them one step farther, you don't say "sorry, it's too late." Luckily, warmth and rehydration brought these two back from the edge. Here is a video of Pitter and Patter a few hours after receiving fluids and being warmed up:

Pitter (female, spayed)

Patter (male, neutered)

What a sweet way to wake up in the morning:

Patter and the blankets donated by The Homemade House in NJ:

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